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Danica Danali is a brand new model so please extend a warm XLGirls welcome to this brunette Texan with huge 38J-cups. She’s a homemaker and mom trying her hand at modeling. Moms are always welcome here. “When I go out, I dress like a mom. Jeans and T-shirts, or Capri pants and T-shirts. Very casual and relaxed. I always wear a bra. I really only take it off to shower. Otherwise I wear one all the time.” Danica Danali says she likes guys who can make her laugh. “It’s that simple,” Danica Danali says. “I also like simple dates. Movies, dinner, a walk somewhere nice.

I don’t want to do anything like rock climbing or skydiving. I don’t want to be whisked away to Paris or Italy for a shopping spree. Keep it simple and I’m very happy. My favorite day would be a day with no children for a few hours and just peace and quiet. Maybe get a massage and pedicure/manicure and just relax.” What does Danica want to try in life that she hasn’t done yet? “I’d like to be on The Amazing Race,” says The Amazing Race fan. “Haven’t done that yet!” Roll video! Thanks, Danica Danali.

Danica Danali is a stay-at-home mom who can boast of 32J knockers. Stay-at-home moms with huge gazongas are always welcome at XLGirls.com. The more, the merrier, sez us. “I like to cook,” Danica Danali informs us. “I like to read. I love naps. I like to watch Hell’s Kitchen and the Amazing Race, and Harry Potter movies. I have a huge crush on Brendan Fraser.” (From the Mummy movies.) Now let’s move along to the juicy stuff. “I don’t have any fantasies. Honestly. I know it sounds weird but I really don’t. I do love when a guy wears a tight cotton shirt during sex. I love the way it feels. A tank-top is best but any shirt works.” It’s true that chest hair can get abrasive. So we get it.

Also a shirt comes in handy when a guy needs to wipe any lube off his fingers instead of reaching for the tissue box. “As far as kinky sex goes, I’m a pretty boring person,” says Danica Danali. “The kinkiest place I’ve done it would be in a car. Boring, I know. I do masturbate in my bedroom alone mostly but I’ve done it outside in the backyard at times. I guess I like the idea of possibly getting caught but still knowing in the back of my mind that I’m alone. I have toys I like to use. An eight-inch long pink dildo and a silver bullet vibrator.” We think Danica Danali is fibbing. We bet that she’s a real hellcat when she is in bed with a guy.

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BBW Bessi – Oils Well

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Bessi. The big, strapping Czech. She always looks so happy and that makes a guy feel good. “I never noticed before just how really cute Bessi is,” emailed T.W “How could I have missed that? Never again.” And J.D. comments that “Bessi is a favorite of mine who may be too big for some guys but not for me. I love those rolls. I’d like to butter them for breakfast but I can’t afford a plane ticket to Prague.

She looks great to me whether she is alone or in a sex scene.” Bessi hit the seamless for this oily body show. Seamless is always popular because there’s nothing in the background that can distract from the model, like furniture or plants. If you want to know why the cost of oil is getting so high, blame Bessi. She loves soaking in it. The drawback is that you can slide right off her. Still, who would turn down a chance to wrestle her?

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Maggie Green – Guided Tour Members Area

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Maggie Green - Guided Tour Members Area Scoreland.com!


Height: 5′6″     Measurements: 43-29-48     Breast Size: 38F

Maggie Green was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the early 2000, she began hosting a sports trivia show called Sports by Brooks. I don’t follow sports so I’m not sure what exactly this is all about but it seems to be some sort of sports and chicks mix. Maggie Green gained a cult following from being an SbB Girl which exploded when she began posting topless on PinUp Files in 2003. ….. read more >>

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Maggie Green Maggie Green Maggie Green
Maggie Green Maggie Green Maggie Green


Maggie Green - Guided Tour Members Area Scoreland.com!

Guided Tour Members Area Scoreland.com!