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Pregnant girl Shyla Shy – From Hump To Bump

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From Hump To Bump

Shyla Shy’s horny “From Mamazon To Preggazon” has re-sparked another ancient debate here at SCORELAND: seeing pregnant girls either posing alone or sexing it up with the cock. The last knocked-up lovely was Kali West. Admittedly, the right pregnant models are very hard to find. (They’ve got to be really good-looking with big boobs, right?) The majority of the sound-offs have been favorable to continued pregnant shoots. Big Jeff comments, “Shyla Shy, congratulations. You’re one of my favorite models, and now I get to see you in all of your womanly glow, getting naughty.

From Hump To Bump

Look forward to seeing another scene or pictorial in the future.” There are several letters, both negative and positive, in Scorecard #604 about pregnant girls. E. writes, “I, too, say, ‘No,’ so, please quit all of the preggo features.” But E. appears to be in the vocal minority. Overall, the yeas outnumber the nays. So here’s Shyla Shy’s baby-bumped belly and heavy-hangered bod back in a sexy solo without any man-face in the picture. Savor the geography if you like ‘em knocked-up. Pregnant girls are beautiful, aren’t they?

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Delilah Black – Oiled In The Sun

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Oiled In The Sun

Delilah Black. A bikini. A bottle of suntan oil. The Miami sun. That’s the meaning of life at XLGirls. Delilah does supreme justice to her skimpy swimsuit. She must drive the locals insane back home in California whenever she goes to the beach. Delilah Black would be right at home living in Miami or Fort Lauderdale near the beach where she could spend all day in and out of her bikinis and drive the locals here crazy also. Delilah even included in her model bio that her idea of a perfect day is relaxing at the beach and playing in the surf.

Oiled In The Sun

XLGirls member Mav commented about Delilah Black: “This girl is beautiful and her tits are simply out of this world–bring her back.” And that we have. She calls herself an “ancient history geek.” This is the kind of bouncing babe that inspired ancient empires to erect temples and monuments, erect being the key word here. Stay tuned to for the video version of this slicked bikini chick with magnificent mams as well as another bed-bouncing with an XLGirls stuntman.

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Daylene Rio – Shows Off Her Big Tits

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Daylene Rio

Height: 5′3″     Measurements: 42-26-38     Breast Size: 36DDD
Daylene Rio, also known as Jaylene Rio, is a latina that works as a stripper in the Los Angeles, California area. She had been toying with the idea of being a model for a while before contacting Scoreland. She sent them some pictures and in February 2008 she made her debut.

Images Samples:

Daylene Rio Daylene Rio Daylene Rio
Daylene Rio Daylene Rio Daylene Rio
Daylene Rio Daylene Rio

Daylene Rio

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