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Cheetah Blige – Hot Big Ass Girl

2:04 pm Big Ass Models

Cheetah Blige

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Cheetah Blige

Cheetah Blige


Cheetah Blige

Cheetah Blige

Cheetah Blige


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Cheetah Blige
Video Sample:
Cheetah Blige  Video Sample

Cheetah Blige works at a strip club in Atlanta and from time to time, dudes will come in and be mesmerized by her booty-poppin’ and fall in love with her. Which is understandable because once you see how this lady works that ass, you will fall in love, too. “There are a lot of guys who have never heard a girl make her booty clap before and once they hear and see mine they lose it!” says Cheetah Blige. “I call it ass applause. Especially if I am giving a dance and I can feel a guy’s rock-hard cock through his pants. I like to make my ass applaud that hard dick.” You can watch Cheetah Blige applaud for, handle and suck that hard dick right here in this video.

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