Eden 38DD: Super stacked babe

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This red haired, thirty something, super stacked babe has men drooling over her every move. It’s not just that she’s gorgeous with the right curves in the right places – she’s smart, sweet, and genuine.

Eden is a sexy plumper from Kentucky who works in a legal brothel, The Bunny Ranch, satisfying the sexual needs and desires of chubby loving guys and couples, and has been featured on HBO’s Cathouse series.

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Porsche Dali: I love watching myself have sex!

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Porsche Dali is better known by her fans over at XLGirls.com. The girl from the Show Me State likes to do just that and has lots and lots of tits and ass to show her admirers. Porsche Dali has a friendly, open personality and genuinely enjoys posing naked and fucking on camera. She likes to watch herself getting fucked. “What better way to get off than to watch yourself getting off?” Porsche Dali told us. “I love watching myself have sex!

I even have some homemade porn movies that I used to watch all the time before I started doing porn. I really get into masturbating when I’m watching myself fuck someone on screen. I am a very visual person and watching a hard cock pound my pussy gives me a screaming orgasm! I have worn out every man I have ever been with. Sex is on my mind constantly! My other girlfriends are happy being fucked once a week. I want it at least once a day.

Normally I will swallow and suck that cock clean. If the man I am with asks for me to spit, I am more than happy to oblige. There have been times when the guy I was with wanted me to spit their cum out on my tits and watch it run down my body. Cum on my tits is so sexy!” Porsche Dali likes going to adult novelty shops. “I love visiting porn stores! I love shopping for lingerie and new toys. I try to visit at least one porn store in every town I visit. The clerk at the last store I went to actually recognized me from XLGirls.com which I thought was pretty awesome! He said he loves XLGirls.com!”

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Renee Ross and Samantha (38GG) – Double Dynamite

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Renee Ross (48-32-40, 40J) and Samantha (38GG) paired up for a body comparison and we were long overdue to run these unique shots in this short but sweet. Double dynamite, they are. Two of the greatest, hottest XL Girls in a decade of XLGirls.com.

The queens of XLGirls. The girls start off in bras and panties, then gradually strip down fully naked. Their tits have that incredible veining that many breast-men covet. Although these photos were not intended be sexual, photo 33 of each girl spreading each others’ pussies with their fingers is very erotic.

“When I hear people saying that I am gorgeous or that my pictures are amazing, it just makes me feel really good,” V-mag Model of the year 2010 Renee Ross told us. Samantha was XLGirls‘ Model of the Year in 2009 and recently did her first XLGirls.com anal fuck after ten years of modeling here.

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Danica Danali – Meet Danica

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Danica Danali is a brand new model so please extend a warm XLGirls welcome to this brunette Texan with huge 38J-cups. She’s a homemaker and mom trying her hand at modeling. Moms are always welcome here. “When I go out, I dress like a mom. Jeans and T-shirts, or Capri pants and T-shirts. Very casual and relaxed. I always wear a bra. I really only take it off to shower. Otherwise I wear one all the time.” Danica Danali says she likes guys who can make her laugh. “It’s that simple,” Danica Danali says. “I also like simple dates. Movies, dinner, a walk somewhere nice.

I don’t want to do anything like rock climbing or skydiving. I don’t want to be whisked away to Paris or Italy for a shopping spree. Keep it simple and I’m very happy. My favorite day would be a day with no children for a few hours and just peace and quiet. Maybe get a massage and pedicure/manicure and just relax.” What does Danica want to try in life that she hasn’t done yet? “I’d like to be on The Amazing Race,” says The Amazing Race fan. “Haven’t done that yet!” Roll video! Thanks, Danica Danali.

Danica Danali is a stay-at-home mom who can boast of 32J knockers. Stay-at-home moms with huge gazongas are always welcome at XLGirls.com. The more, the merrier, sez us. “I like to cook,” Danica Danali informs us. “I like to read. I love naps. I like to watch Hell’s Kitchen and the Amazing Race, and Harry Potter movies. I have a huge crush on Brendan Fraser.” (From the Mummy movies.) Now let’s move along to the juicy stuff. “I don’t have any fantasies. Honestly. I know it sounds weird but I really don’t. I do love when a guy wears a tight cotton shirt during sex. I love the way it feels. A tank-top is best but any shirt works.” It’s true that chest hair can get abrasive. So we get it.

Also a shirt comes in handy when a guy needs to wipe any lube off his fingers instead of reaching for the tissue box. “As far as kinky sex goes, I’m a pretty boring person,” says Danica Danali. “The kinkiest place I’ve done it would be in a car. Boring, I know. I do masturbate in my bedroom alone mostly but I’ve done it outside in the backyard at times. I guess I like the idea of possibly getting caught but still knowing in the back of my mind that I’m alone. I have toys I like to use. An eight-inch long pink dildo and a silver bullet vibrator.” We think Danica Danali is fibbing. We bet that she’s a real hellcat when she is in bed with a guy.

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BBW Veronica Vaughn like often masturbates

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BBW Veronica Vaughn

Height: 5′5″   Measurements: 48-36-46   Breast Size: 40G

Veronica Vaughn on losing her virginity: “The first guy I ever had sex with was about 12 years older than me, and he was gentle and patient and it was a wonderful thing, so I have liked older guys ever since.

Images Samples:

BBW Veronica Vaughn BBW Veronica Vaughn

Veronica Vaughn on masturbation: “I would be at work and I would tell them I was feeling sick so I could go home and masturbate. Seriously, I had to get something inside me. Sometimes I would just go to the bathroom and get myself off. If I didn’t do it, I just couldn’t concentrate. Now, it’s down to twice a day or so. It used to be more ….. read more >>

BBW Veronica Vaughn

Video Sample:

Veronica Vaughn  Video Sample

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